Pool Party

Since my last posting I have endeavored to hear a fresh answer to “what am I doing here?”  Our Lord, my Beloved, is so faithful.  It as if He were just waiting for me to pose that question so He could show me at least some partial answers.  I get the feeling that there is […]

I am homesick.

The Chapel Hill team arrived this week and I spent three breakfasts and evenings with them while they were in Phnom Penh before they left for northwestern Cambodia.  While they saw projects and genocide museums during the day, I worked and then we ended each day in the pint size swimming pool at the guest […]

Get back on the horse…

Tomorrow I head back to Viet Nam to complete the business deal we are working on there.  I dread the trip and being there again so soon.  The fact that I will go I probably owe to my father, cattle rancher and no-nonsense businessman, who instilled in me by word and practice that you always […]

Curb side dining

Curb side dining

One of things my colleagues taught me on this trip…as I squeamishly sat down (at their encouragmentment) to tiny plastic stools and a foot tall table on the curb in the midst of foot and motorcycle traffic, I observed that the same food being served to us, was being taken inside the nearby restaurant and served at a much higher price. I know because I went in there to use their toilet and looked at the prices on the menu. I had just barely restrained the desire to suggest we eat in that restaurant, in deference to their desire to save company funds. So very much to learn from them…

Trouble in river city…

Last week it became apparent to me and a couple of the key leaders in our office that a business trip that we had planned for later in the month to Viet Nam really needed to happen sooner to be of value.  So, it was decided at noon on Wednesday that Rady (lead designer), Ta (showroom […]