Rachel’s Journey.

Summer 2013 Rachel and I are nearing the end of a special time. We began two weeks ago in Singapore. We stayed there a couple of days resting and getting used to being together 24-7. We tried a little sightseeing and made some rather serious errors in bus routes, getting lost and having to back […]

Life Long Learning

No apologies for the absence of entries here.  Since I last wrote, I have been intensely focused on something like my “thesis” project for the imaginary master’s degree I am earning.  As project manager for a complex job we performed, I had a chance to put into practice the many lessons I learned along the […]


Each morning I ask God to give me a glimpse of what He is up to here. Rarely does a day pass that I fail to see some evidence that His Kingdom is coming. I could share several from this week, but one was particularly satisfying… At work, in the production area, I rub shoulders […]

Roadside Distraction

  My work involves a fair amount of local travel so I spend some time on the road everyday here.  Usually in a tuk-tuk, sometimes driving our company car, and occasionally on the back of a motorcycle if one of our more mature (translation:  someone other than our young, crazy-driving males) staff is going my […]

Back home…

Wow, it’s been almost two months since I posted.  I am finally settled back into my life here in Phnom Penh after a brief trip to the US to reconnect with family and a few friends.  I felt like my mother who in her later years would say “I can either get ready or go, […]

Adventures make us more interesting

The short story…I have just experienced a most delightful and satisfying thirty-six hour adventure!  So much happened that I want to capture details in writing so that I can relive this as a sweet memory in seasons to come. The short story is that I smashed my face while trekking in the Cambodian mountains…but if […]

Back to work

So after Anna left, I went back to work and my boss, Bronwyn is back from the US and things have taken a decidedly different tack.  Bronwyn is hard driving, decisive and has abundant energy.  She created this business from nothing, and she sustains it with sheer will.  It is something to watch.  I admire […]